See you Zoom!❤️

Hi everyone! It has been a while for us staying at home. Hope all of you are doing good.😊

We haven’t met each other for months, we are finally going to meet each other online. Although it may be a challenge for us, I am sure that we can overcome all the difficulties!💪🏻

In the coming school year, I will be the class teacher of Class 1A. Also, I will be teaching P.6 English and P.3 VA. Can’t wait to see you all!😊

Wish everyone good health. See you “Zoom”!❤️❤️


開學了!Welcome back to school!😉


Miss Lai在今個假期與朋友到了福岡旅遊,跟你們分享一下當地的美麗景色吧!


Wish you all a fruitful year!❤️


Hi everyone!!

Our summer holiday nearly comes to an end, did you have a great summer?^^

I went to Taiwan in my holiday. The food, weather and people are all very nice!

In the coming year, I will be the class teacher of 4B and the English teacher of……… P.2!

Hope to see you all in September! Remember to say Hi to me when you see me!! 🙂